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Setup a network bridge for your LXC containers with lxc-net

A complete tutorial to get your hands on lxc-net and give your LXC containers a proper bridge network via DHCP

Configure the Unbound plugin for Munin

Simple tutorial to setup the Munin plugins for your Munin monitoring.

How to set up a diaspora* pod on Debian and Ubuntu

Full tutorial to setup your own Diaspora* pod on your Linux server.

One year on Mastodon

Let's do an overview of the past 365 days on the Mastodon social network. a new diaspora* pod

Introduction post on, a new diaspora* pod

Add a dynamic MOTD to your Linux server

How to setup a cool dynamic MOTD on your Linux server

Do a speedtest from your terminal with speedtest-cli

Have you ever wanted to make a speedtest from your terminal, and not from these heavy websites stuffed with ads?

My custom Ghost theme

Why I chose to use my own Ghost theme,my workflow to manage it

Micro: a modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor

Want more from Nano? Tired of Vim? Try Micro!

A new blog

The reasons behind my new English blog, and why I chose Ghost.