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How to set a static IPv4 address on a Raspberry Pi using dhcpd

How to manually install FreeBSD on a remote server (with UFS, ZFS, encryption...)

This tutorials covers how to install FreeBSD on a remote server, manually, and covers different types of setup including ZFS, UFS, encrypted swap or data partition

How to use encrypted block storage volumes on Hetzner Cloud

Want to store sensitive data on an external block storage volume? Follow this tutorial for Hetzner Cloud.

OnePlus 6T review (from a OnePlus 3 user)

After 2 years of OnePlus 3, discover what my thoughts are on the OnePlus 6T!

How to measure a Raspberry Pi's temperature and CPU frequency with Telegraf

Two simple probes to check on your Raspberry Pi's wellbeing!

How to improve Caddy's HTTPS configuration

Caddy has an excellent default TLS configuration, but we can still improve it!

How to enable TLS 1.3 on Nginx

Learn how to configure your Nginx web server to support TLS 1.3. Running an older OpenSSL version? Check out my script to compile Nginx from source!

How to mount a local GlusterFS volume at boot (fstab/systemd fix)

When using only fstab, local GlusterFS volumes will fail to mount at boot... Learn how to fix this with systemd!

How to use a non-AWS S3 backend with Terraform

Want to store your tfstate remotely, but not on AWS? Learn how to set up a (non-AWS) S3 backend for Terraform!

How to fix the font rendering on macOS 10.14 Mojave

Here is how to make the fonts of macOS Mojave look like High Sierra's!