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3 months of street photography in Seoul, South Korea

I have been lucky enough to study in South Korea for 4 months, last year, from September to December. At the end of September, I suddenly had the urge to learn about photography. After spending hours on YouTube to discover this new world I knew nothing about, I ran into my local tech store and awkwardly asked a clerk in Korean that I wanted to get a camera. I did some research online beforehand ended up buying the Nikon D3500, the brand’s cheapest DSLR.

I'm studying in Seoul, South Korea

I’ll be studying at Hanyang University in Seoul for the next semester, until december! 👏 I’ve been here for 2 weeks already so I thought I’d make a little announcement since it’s a pretty important event in my life! Even if it’s temporary. For those who didn’t know I am currently in my last year of Bachelor. I study at an IT school in Paris and I have had a