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Benchmarking DNS resolvers on Android

Have you ever wondered which DNS resolver is the closest to your location? There is an Android app called DNS Speed Test that I have been using for a long time that allows to make latency tests on the go. As you can see here in Seoul Cloudflare is by far the fastest, since I hit the Seoul PoP. For some reason Google makes me go through North America according to traceroute/mtr, hence the difference.

OnePlus 6T review (from a OnePlus 3 user)

I am a OnePlus 3 user since July of 2016. I loved this phone since day one. But it’s time for a change! The OnePlus 3 Let me share a bit of my experience with the OnePlus 3 first. Overall, it’s a great phone, that costed me 400€. 2016 was the end of an era for OnePlus, when they stopped doing “Flagship killers”. It was definitely worth the price though. Here is a quick review: