Hi there! I am Stanislas.

I’m a software engineer at a fintech company.

The blog

This blog is a personal blog where I mainly talk about tech stuff, servers and programing. Sometimes about my side hobbies or my experiences abroad.

I launched it in January 2018 at the successor of my french blog which I started in 2014, when I was in high school.

Some stats since its launch: more than 70 posts, 400 comments and 300k page views.

This blog powered by Hugo, an open source static site generator.

It’s under the CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

I also run some public services.

Contact and social networks

Please read this before reaching out to me.

Don’t contact me for matters that could live in this blog’s comments or GitHub issues. Public communication benefits the whole community and more people would be able to answer. Some people think they or their problem are special. Don’t be that person. Adding to what I said just before, my time is not infinite nor free.

If you fail to understand this, I will simply not respond to you.

Feel free to reach out for anything else, of course. 😊

  • Email:
  • Twitter: @fuolpit


Want thank me for my work or support me financially for my public service? There are multiple ways to do that.