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Object storage: migrating from Wasabi to Scaleway with rclone

Wasabi's hidden pricing model and repeated outages made me move to Scaleway for my object storage buckets. Here I explain how I used rclone for the migration.

DoH on macOS with dnscrypt-proxy

Make your DNS queries safer by encrypting them with DNS-over-HTTPS and dnscrypt-proxy on macOS!

Easy web deployments with Ansistrano

Easily deploy web applications on multiple web servers with Ansible and Ansistrano!

Benchmarking DNS resolvers on Android

Easy DNS speed tests from Android!

Migrating Ghost from SQLite to MySQL

Changing the database engine powering a Ghost website is very easy. Learn how to do it!

I'm studying in Seoul, South Korea

I admit I came here for the food.

Using Touch ID for sudo authentication on a MacBook

Make your life easier by using Touch ID with sudo commands instead of typing in your password!

Caching Ghost with Nginx

Make you Ghost website faster and handle more requests with Nginx cache!

Fixing IPv6 on Hetzner Cloud: the story of a lifetime

How to fix IPv6 connectivity on Hetzner Cloud with Debian/Ubuntu when adding more IPv6 networks

How I fixed ZFS data corruption errors on Hetzner Cloud

I had been having issues with my ZFS VM for months, but I finally fixed them!