Benchmarking DNS resolvers on Android
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Benchmarking DNS resolvers on Android

Easy DNS speed tests from Android!
Benchmarking DNS resolvers on Android

Have you ever wondered which DNS resolver is the closest to your location?

There is an Android app called DNS Speed Test that I have been using for a long time that allows to make latency tests on the go.

As you can see here in Seoul Cloudflare is by far the fastest, since I hit the Seoul PoP.

For some reason Google makes me go through North America according to traceroute/mtr, hence the difference. I checked on and it's the same for the closest location, Tokyo, which has a huge 50 ms latency...

However, the latency doesn't matter that much for mobile devices. I've been using the DNS-over-TLS resolvers from AdGuard, which as you can see are more than 200 ms from me, and it's perfectly fine. These latency tests are still interesting though!