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Ansible 2.8 + snapcraft: my first big FOSS contribution!

I submitted a PR to the core Ansible project in order to add a snapcraft module. Here is how it went!

Debug PHP in Docker using Xdebug with VS Code or PhpStorm

How to get Xdebug to work with VS Code and PhpStorm when running the PHP code inside a Docker container

How to compare a bcrypt hash between PHP and Node.js

Discover how to compare a bcrypt hash generated in PHP with password_hash(), using Node.js and the bcrypt module

Node.js: Easily check code coverage with istanbul.js/nyc

See your Node.js project's tests' code coverage in two incredibly simple steps.

Elasticsearch 6 shard/replica settings for single-node cluster

How to get green health on a single-node Elasticsearch cluster.

How I did (not) recover from a data loss (featuring ZFS, LXD and PostgreSQL)

How I averted a disaster and recovered data by deleting it.

Quick and easy Ansible linting CI pipeline

Sample CI configuration files to run ansible-lint against an Ansible role or playbook (GitLab CI, Travis CI, CircleCI, GitHub Action)

The first year of this blog

The first yearly update of the blog: how it went, what I though of it and the softwares it (still) run with,

How to setup a VPN server using WireGuard (with NAT and IPv6)

Learn how to setup your own Wireguard server, the new fast and modern VPN protocol!

How to configure IPv6 on FreeBSD on an Dedibox

Despite supporting FreeBSD, they provide documentation for IPv6 on it. In this post I show how I managed to add IPv6 to my Dedibox.