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Terraform: How to enable "Use Origin Cache Headers" on CloudFront

Forwarding your origin's cache headers on your CloudFront distribution can be a bit tricky since it is badly documented. Here is the solution!

Automatically build and push Docker images using GitLab CI

How to setup and proper maintainable workflow for managing your own Docker images: automate everything from your commit to the hub.

Using GitLab CI with GitHub

Using GitHub but want to use the powerful tool that is GitLab CI? Get the best of both world and use them together!

How to setup a Telegram bot for your Drone CI/CD builds

In this post, I explain how to easily setup a Telegram bot that notifies of the output of Drone CI/CD builds.

Host your own CI/CD server with Drone

Discover Drone, the lightest CI/CD open-source software available. This post will help you get started and covers its basic features.

How I back up my servers using restic and Wasabi object storage

A tutorial explaining my current backup setup with restic and Wasabi and why I moved from Borg and SSH

How to use nvm, rbenv, pyenv, goenv... with the fish shell

The fish shell does not support the bash syntax and manage its PATH differently. Here are some tips to use your version managers with fish!

Donation of the month: Peertube

This month I donated to Peertube, a Free, open-source, federated and P2P alternative to YouTube.

Enable DNSSEC support in systemd-resolved

Systemd-resolve is used in most systemd distributions. DNSSEC checking is disabled by default, so here is a quick tutorial to enable it.

Moving Mastodon's media files to Wasabi Object Storage

Comprehensive tutorial to move your Mastodon's media files over Wasabi's S3-like service