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Introducing a new Mastodon instance is one year old

A review on my last year as a Mastodon instance admin.

Install Docker on a ZFS pool

Add all the ZFS features to Docker by running it on a zpool!

Setup a ZFS pool on a Hetzner VM running Debian 9

A full tutorial to set up a zpool on its own partition on a Hetzner VM running Debian.

Monitoring with Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana

An introduction to the TIG stack and a tutorial to set it up.

Diaspora* in Docker

Put your Diaspora pod into Docker with my simple image!

Migrating Ghost to Docker

Keep your server clean and move your Ghost blog to a Docker container!

Migrating Ghost from MySQL to SQLite

Want to make your Ghost website lighter? Use SQLite!

Add comments to your blog with Isso

Presentation and installation of Isso, an open source and lightweight self-hosted Discus replacement.

Setup a ZFS pool for your LXC containers with LXD

A quick start guide to use the awesome ZFS file system as a storage pool for your LXC container, using LXD.