Introducing a new Mastodon instance

I’m a big fan of federated social networks since I discovered Diaspora* in 2015. They have a whole other feel than classic, centralized social networks, which goal is to get as much data and engagement on their platform as possible.

Federated networks are cool. As you may expect, the majority of the people there are interested in technology and IT in general. On the fediverse (e.g. Mastodon, Pleroma, GNU/Social), I talk about this most of the time, and also about anime which happens to be pretty big here too. Of course you can talk about whatever you want and there are much more communities.

But. For some reason the Kpop community is completely out of these networks. Just look at the toots with #kpop on mastodon… It’s even worse on Diaspora*. Kpop fans are extremely present on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, V LIVE… Well let’s try to bring them here, should we?

Instead of the community being split over many instances, which could help loosing interest, I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to create an instance dedicated to that so that fans could regroup there. Indeed, most people following me probably don’t care one bit about Dahyun memes anyway, as I didn’t before I discovered Kpop.

Thus, I decided to create, a Mastodon instance dedicated to Kpop and Korean culture, and the first to that as far as I know! I will use it to post about Kpop (obviously), because as I said before, people following me on my current accounts aren’t interested by that. But I hope that will help other fans to join the fediverse and find a welcoming place (where you show your bias all you want)!.

I’m also setting up a peertube instance which will be called or something like that, in the same spirit as the Mastodon instance.

I know it will be hard to make people come here, but hey, why not try?

By the way, I stole the emojis from the Twice Discord and added them to the instance:


That alone is a big enough reason to sign up, and we can add much much more!

So, if you’re a hidden Kpop fan, or you know people who are, do not hesitate to point them there so that we can finally build a great Kpop community on the fediverse.

Also if you’re reading this and don’t understand everything, it may be confusing at first, but don’t hesitate to ask!

PS: Today is Twice’s comeback and yes I waited for this special day to come to open instance 😇