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Adobe Creative Cloud on macOS is calling home an absurd amount of times...

Since I began using NextDNS, I noticed the top domain my Macbook was querying was, by far. I use Lightroom and Photoshop so I had to install the Adobe Creative Cloud thing. Even though I disabled the only two settings that could enable Adobe stuff running in the background, I noticed a bunch of processes running anyway. I don’t know which one is at fault (maybe related to cloud storage syncing?

NextDNS is my new favourite DNS service

Finally! I’m happy to report that I found a DNS service that perfectly suits my needs. My requirements are as follows: Low-latency Reliable Available everywhere Support for DoT and DoH Includes ad-blocking and tracker-blocking Customisable Available stats Pi-Hole: sorry, I do leave home sometimes We all know Pi-hole, which is an awesome software. Sadly, it does not fit my requirements. First of all, it’s only available at home, which is a total deal-breaker for me since I only work on mobile devices (laptop, smartphone) that come and go out of my house every day.

DoH on macOS with dnscrypt-proxy

While I usually use a VPN in public places like cafes, I don’t always do on networks I trust more, like my home or University. Nearly all of my network traffic is encrypted thanks to HTTPS, so my DNS requests are the only plaintext data I sent out in the wild. I’ve been using DNS-over-TLS (DoT) on my Android phone for nearly 2 years thanks to Android’s native DoT support since version 9.