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How I use tailscale

A review of Tailscale, "a secure network that just works".

Using Firecracker and Go to run short-lived, untrusted code execution jobs

A concrete use-case of Firecracker with code snippets

Use netcat when the MySQL client lies to you

When the MySQL does not show explicit errors, using netcat instead might help.

Adding native image lazy-loading to Ghost with a Cloudflare Worker

Optimising image delivery at the edge

Adding syntax highlighting to Ghost with highlight.js

For sexy code snippets

Deploying a Ghost theme with GitHub actions

Easy update and deployment workflow for Ghost themes with GitHub

Deploying an Angular app on Heroku

How I deployed an Angular 9 app on Heroku with this simple workaround using Express

3 months of street photography in Seoul, South Korea

Discovering a new way to explore the city

Adobe Creative Cloud on macOS is calling home an absurd amount of times...

And there's actually not that much I can do about it

NextDNS is my new favourite DNS service

AKA Anycast-Pi-hole-as-a-Service... but even better!