The reasons behind my new English blog, and why I chose Ghost.

Here we go!

Who am I?

I’m Stanislas, a French 18 years old tech enthusiast.

My areas of interest are:

  • Linux and sysadmin stuff
  • Free and Open Source software
  • Security and Privacy
  • Anime and other weeb stuff

I currently studying at ESGI, a French IT school, and I work at a French web hosting company.

More on the about page

Why this blog?

I run a French blog,, since 2014, and over the years I began to read and listen to more and more English resources, and by now I think it’s my main language, except that I still speak French IRL, and I’m not really fluent in terms of writing and speaking. As such, I’ll ask you to bear with me as I’ll probably do some (many?) mistakes.

I created this blog because I wanted to have an English version of I like sharing knowledge with the French community, but I always use English in the Internet, so it makes sense to also have an English blog.

Also from time to time, non-french speaker I interact me said they wished they could read my articles because they seemed interesting.

What will I talk about here? Probably the same kind of subject as my French blog and as the things I mentioned at the beginning of the post. Maybe shorter articles? We’ll see.

Why Ghost?

I use WordPress on my French blog, which I love because I can do about everything I want, it’s incredibly flexible. However, it’s complex and you can break it really easily. Same thing for PHP: it’s super easy to install, to edit, and I’ve learned a lot about PHP-FPM optimization and so on, but yeah, it’s PHP.

I am not discovering Ghost though: I tested it in 2015, release 0.6, I think. At the time, I already liked its minimalist aspect: WordPress had so many options, and Ghost was just focused on the content.

However, it was still missing many features and even though I could import my WordPress stuff, it was not ready for me.

So here am I today, running Ghost 1.20.2… It’s been some time! Feature wise, not a lot has been added: it still haven’t a comments system or a real image manager. But overall, Ghost is way more polished and pleasant to use. I love the markdwon editor, and even more the night theme!


Casper, the default theme, has also been improved. I’m planning to write a post on this subject.


I criticize PHP, but node.js is one of its kind too… At least, the install guide is way easier now, and ghost-cli is such a an awesome tool. You don’t have to mess with nodejs directly anymore.

I tried to run Ghost in Docker, but I wasn’t satisfied with it (and I don’t know Docker enough), so here we are for now, with a basic Ghost + systemd + MySQL + Nginx setup. SQLite is fine too, but I have a MySQL server installed already, so why not use it?

I’ll probably do a quick post on my Nginx config though.


I don’t know how this project will go, but I think I have the need to write English posts. I may keep them quick, because most of the time on my French blog I want to make proper article and I end up writing for hours, which is a good thing but that also means I have a ton (like, really) of subjects I want to write on, but I don’t. I want to write quite often on this one:

Anyway, that’s all for this introduction post. See you later!

PS: What do you think of the domain name? I have it for quite some time but I don’t know it looks for you.