Introduction post on, a new diaspora* pod


The pod does not exist anymore.

Diaspora* is a Free/Libre privacy focused federated social network written in Ruby. It it to Facebook what Mastodon is to Twitter.

I have joined Diaspora about 3 years ago when I was discovering all the FOSS/decentralized stuff, and I have been using the Framasphere pod (by Framasoft) since then.

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t really active these last months, but I have been wanting to host my own instance for a few years. As I have been managing (and using, a lot), a Mastodon instance, for a few months, it happens that both use Ruby on Rails, so I was able to understand the Diaspora documentation much better.

I will write a tutorial on how to setup a pod in the coming days.

So here we are: Here is my first post! It’s currently Hosted on my server, in France. My goal is to maintain an open, fast and up-to-date pod.


It’s holding well for the moment, and I can upgrade anytime.

I’m realizing I should have bought over… I guess it’s too late haha!

Want to dive diaspora a try? We’re already more than 20 registered users on the pod, feel free to sign up!

I’m [email protected] 🤗

Image: naesk