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I'm sticking to Spotify for now

Comparing major Hi-Fi music streaming services

Monitoring with Prometheus

and Node Exporter, Alertmanager, Grafana...

Using a Hetzner Storage Box as a restic backend for backups

A cheap, fast and reliable place for my backups

How I fixed my VirtualBox VMs randomly crashing on macOS

A short story about how I wasted hours because of Intel Power Gadget...

Different nameservers for specific domains on macOS

How to configure macOS to use another DNS resolver on a per-domain basis.

How to migrate Ghost (and Isso) to dated permalinks

Explaining how I properly changed the permalinks on my blog, using Ghost's dynamic routing and more.

Do not buy the LG 27UL850 monitor for its USB-C hub feature

This monitor has a major flaw, which you have to consider before buying it.

Migrating comments from Isso to Disqus

Learn how to export your Isso comments to Disqus using this simple Python script

2 years of blogging in English

TIme to reflect on the past two years

Apple Magic Trackpad 2: not quite the Macbook experience, except for your wallet

This expensive Macbook-like trackpad may not be worth your money