TIme to reflect on the past two years

Just a quick note to mark the 2 years of this blog.

Well, it was four days ago, but I missed it. But who cares, right?

I’ve written much less than I expected this past year, partly because I’ve been very busy with school (and didn’t get a summer break), but also because for the second part of the year I went abroad.

Living and studying in South Korea was a life-changing experience. I am now back in France but the memories of that exchange semester are still so fresh and yet so distant.

Life is life and stuff happens. I wrote 21 posts in the past year, which is half of what I achieved in the previous one. I have some free time before school starts again and before I start a new job, so I hope to be able to write some articles in the coming weeks. But I won’t set any goal for the coming year as it doesn’t really make sense for a personal blog.

I have lots of stuff to write about though, so I’m not worried about running out for inspiration. It’s mostly tech-related, be it Linux/SysAdmin stuff or products reviews.

I feel like I should put less pressure on myself about writing. I always want to do super long and detailed posts, but it’s not necessarily a good thing. Shorter blog posts like this are easier to read and digest, in my opinion.

Regarding the stats, not much has changed compared to last year. It’s stable and going a little bit down due to the lack of activity. Not that it matters though.

I’m still using Ghost for this blog which I still like, but I have to say its development is not really going the way I would like it to. They added stuff like paying subscriptions which I assume the vast majority of the Ghost user don’t need. Meanwhile basic and critical features are still missing. (Search, anyone?). I’m currently writing a post about that, and I’m thinking of going back to WordPress. It’s a major PITA though, so I’m not sure if I’ll end up flipping the switch.

It seems that I have completely abandoned my french blog, as I don’t have the will to write on it anymore. Most of my ideas can be published here, so I don’t see the point of writing in french unless it’s really related to… french stuff? Well, I have to say I miss the french blogging community, the so-called blogosphère. I had a lot of loyal readers and more feedback on my posts.

Here, it sometimes feels like I throw what I write into the wild, and no one ever reads it. This is not entirely true as there are 357 comments so far for 64 posts, so an average of 5,6 per port. But in reality, most of them are grouped on the same posts.

One of the goals I have with this blog is to improve my English writing. I have no doubt that I improved in the last two years, and living abroad certainly did help, but I feel like I have a long way to go to be fully confident at expressing myself in English.

As I said earlier, I’m currently in the process of looking for a DevOps job and I have some exciting opportunities. If you know some opening around Paris that could be of interest to me, please hit me up!