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My custom Ghost theme

Note 05/2020 update: I moved to a new theme. The one described in this post is still open source although not maintained. For the record, here is how it looked before I stopped using it: As I said in my introduction post, the default theme for Ghost, Casper, as been reworked a few months ago a looks very good now. I’m not completely fond of the theme though, so there are a few things that I wanted to modify.

A new blog

Here we go! Who am I? I’m Stanislas, a French 18 years old tech enthusiast. My areas of interest are: Linux and sysadmin stuff Free and Open Source software Security and Privacy Anime and other weeb stuff I currently studying at ESGI, a French IT school, and I work at a French web hosting company. More on the about page Why this blog? I run a French blog,, since 2014, and over the years I began to read and listen to more and more English resources, and by now I think it’s my main language, except that I still speak French IRL, and I’m not really fluent in terms of writing and speaking.